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Starlie Vineyards

Starlite Vineyards

I have always had a passion for this winery.. Armond (owner) and Gary (Winery Manager) have been very kind over the years. They also have a rental where guest can stay on the vineyard... Their wine to me is fine in it approach, expertly balanced and well worth a visit.. We offer this wine in our higher tier clubs, and is a resident wine with us and served at almost every Chef Adair wine pairing dining experience we perform...

Starlite Vineyards

Our winery is located in the Alexander Valley in California’s Sonoma County.

We make hand-crafted European-style wines. We acquired our property in in

2001 and launched the winery 2003 with our “Claret Style” Zinfandel. The wines expanded to our “Condrieu Style” Viognier and “Bordeaux Style” Cabernet Sauvignon in 2007.  We don’t follow ratings on a regular basis. However, the wines have periodically received ratings of 94 points from The Chicago Wine Institute.

Our 6 acres of vineyards are planted on a hilltop on our property to maximize fruit ripening. Block 1 was planted to Zinfandel in 1998. Block 2 was planted to Cabernet Sauvignon in 2002. Block 3 was planted to Viognier in 2008. In 2011, 8 rows of Block 1 were converted to Viognier.  In 2014, 2 more rows of Block 1 were converted to Tempranillo. The vineyards are planted 6 feet apart (row to row) and 2.5 feet apart (vine to vine) and are amongst most densely planted vineyards in California.

It is the condensed planting of our vineyards that produce the intensity in flavors and colors in our wines. (


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