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Williams Selyem

Williams Selyem

As a young Sous Chef (1998) in Sebastopol Ca. I grew up with this wine not knowing what a special winery it was. The Owner used to come in and share with my Chef and we'd have "family meal." If we were lucky we'd get a taste... It wasn't until later I realize how important this wine was to the world of wines. We are honored to have the opportunity to share Williams Selyem with our clients and customers.

Not everyone can receive allocations but we have a few cases a year to share ...



Williams Selyem Winery

From Williams Selyem..

Like most good stories, the history of Williams Selyem owes much to serendipity. If a grower with an abundance of fruit hadn’t given Burt Williams a few tons of free grapes in the 1970s, Burt might never have discovered his love and flair for winemaking. And if Burt and his partner Ed Williams had been able to afford the French Burgundies they both favored, they might never have tried making their own Pinot Noir.

The two friends didn’t set out to produce wines for anyone but themselves. And they surely never imagined that their humble experiment in home winemaking would spawn a cult-status winery of international acclaim. Together, Burt and Ed set a new standard for American-made Pinot Noir, and elevated Sonoma County’s Russian River Valley to among the best wine growing regions in the world.

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