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Robledo Chardonnay 2013 Los Carneros - Region Wine Club LLC

Robledo Chardonnay 2013 Los Carneros

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Robledo Chardonnay is sure to hit home for all Chardonnay lovers alike, with beautiful hues of yellow straw and bright aromatics of fresh melon, honeysuckle and peach.

At first it is bright and lightly crisp, showing just the slightest of oak. This wine is exceptionally balanced with a silky finish and will be sure to hit the spot when you are pairing or in need of a great wine for a dinner party or to show off with friends.

From: Our panel. Excellent balance of buttery vs. citrus flavors, well balanced not to much oak or butter a nice round expression of classic Carneros Chardonnay. A home run for Chardonnay drinkers.

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